The Rules and Conditions

The Rules and Conditions


for users and visitors of the website (The Visitor)

 The owner of

Jana Kusterová (The owner)

Limnická 1346, 36222 Nejdek
IČ 69276871 DIČ CZ7752102270

I. The Parties & Purpose

These Rules and Conditions describes in detail rights and duties of Visitor and Owner. By registration at you accept and agree with these Rules and Condition. provides an erotic content  for adults, which can be considered as an offensive, repulsive and non-acceptable by somebody. Using this website you confirm that this content is not against your moral values or law of your country and you create by your own decision. A Model shall not consider yourself as an employee of the Owner of Everybody is responsible for his form of presentation and for his activity on this website.

  1. To register and watch the content you have to reach an age of 18 years. In countries where the legal age for this activity is higher, you must be older than legal age in such country. (Usually 21 years) Using this website is forbidden in countries where it is considered to be against the law, moral values or other law or rules. Using this website is forbidden in countries where it is considered to be against the law, moral values or other law or rules.
  2. A Model must not share this content with a person younger than 18 years.
  3. You confirm that you are not a member or employee of any government agency, state organization, city and town administration or other state departments where the displaying of sexual content is prohibited. You agree that you won´t use this web at places where it is not allowed to do so.
  4. An user can´t copy, change, publish, provide, share and sell to anybody information protected by a copyright from These rules apply to all the content at Breaking the rules, you expose yourself to the threat of legal and financial sanctions.
  5. If The Visitor breaks the Rules and Conditions and spoil the reputation of our website, then can be penalized with a fine of 200,000 CZK.

II. The rights and duties of the visitor (watcher)

  1. The Visitors are not allowed to ask models for their contact information as an e-mail, ICQ, Skype, phone number address etc. with clients or give them instruction on how to give it.
  2. The minimum length of paid private chat is 30 seconds.
  3. The Visitors are not allowed to advertise other similar website by showing or writing them during the chat.
  4. It is also not allowed to advertise any product, services or use any kind of subliminal advertising.
  5. The Visitors can´t offend models in any way unless it is arranged by their mutual agreement before. It is also forbidden to be rude and offend other visitors and users.
  6. The Visitor can´t force model to get naked unless they are on Private Chat / PVT.
  7. The Visitor is forbidden to arrange paid sexual services and other similar activities.
  8. The Visitor must show his true e-mail address so that we can send him messages about possible changes etc.
  9. Every Visitor can create only one profile at 
  10. Credit is not refundable and The Visitor must spend it on services of
  11. Breaking any rule can cause cancellation of user´s profile with confiscation of unused credits and eternal ban for using services of This can be done without any warning or announcement. The owner is in right to arbitrate all the breakage of the Rules and Conditions by himself. Banned user is not in right to demand any financial compensation or refund of his credit.
  12. Video and Albums sales 
    • Every Visitor can watch purchased videos only in the profile (in My Videos), thus the content is protected from copying and downloading. Purchased videos can´t be abused to harm reputation of the people taking part on it or of
    • The video price is set in credits per 1 minute by model herself.
    • Purchased videos remain available for Visitors even if the model deletes them.

III. The rights and duties of the Owner

  1. The Owner has to deal with complaints immediately after receiving it. Receiving means delivering it into e-mail inbox or as a classic letter. The Owners deals with complaints according to the rules and Conditions and valid legal standards and laws.


The Owner declares that payment services (m-platba in particular) are ran by MobilBonus s.r.o.  („MB“), address: Úvoz 18, 58601 Jihlava, Czech Republic IČ: 26935830. MB runs all the business administration and technology for payments as an independent company. All the possible question and complaints shall be dealt via phone +420 777717535 (mon-fri 08 – 16h) or sent to e-mail help desk at, or by a letter to the address of the company. The user can also contact The owner´s help desk.

V. Privacy policy

  1. Personal data will be treated according to the Czech law no. 101/2000 Sb., which applies for the personal data storage.
  2. The Model agree, by providing us their personal data during the registration at our website, that we use them for purposes of ensuring necessary communications.
  3. The day of registration cancel is considered to be a day, on which model takes back his approval to use personal data. The owner will process the data according to the law and can them delete from his database finally. A Model shares his personal data by his own decision.
  4. The Owner guarantees that he won´t share user's personal data and IP with anybody. He has a right to do that only if it is prescribed by a law or by a request of authorized public administration an law enforcement departments.

VI. Advertisements and Marketing

  1. The Visitors agree that they will see an advertisements and receive e-mail newsletters.

VII. Mutual Relations

  1. provides web platform only to enable visitors to have text or videochat with a Model. Thus it is not allowed to communicate with Visitor personally (by phone, e-mail and other kinds of communication). The Models can create profile for their own presentation. Visitor can search for them and contact them using chat and other functionalities of this website so that they can communicate. Everything is done by their independent decision and voluntarily basis. doesn´t enter the communication until the communication breaks the rule or in case of any extraordinary situations.

VIII. Changes in the Rules and Conditions

  1. Each newly registered agency can learn valid Rules and Conditions which are available upon registration and in each agency´s profile. The Owner doesn´t have to announce any changes.

IX. Legal Standards

  1. Every Visitor registered at shall not break the laws of their resident country as well as the laws of The Czech Republic, which is the resident state of the website Owner. In case of law-breaking or breaking the Rules and Condition, the Owner can provide all personal data of a Model to the official state organisations.

 The Rules and Conditions are valid since 01/05/2012